Our impact in 2016

The year at a glance

  • £13m: the estimated total value of the skills transferred to the sector by our volunteers.

  • 934 volunteer placements made (450 trustee placements, 484 other skilled placements).

  • 600 charities supported.

  • 3, 074 new skilled volunteers registered (twice as many as 2014).


The impact of our volunteers

  • 87 per cent of charities said that the trustee they recruited strengthened their governance.

  • 95 per cent said their trustee increased the diversity of skills and experience on their board, and 66 per cent rated this improvement as significant.
  • for other successful skilled placements, 74 per cent said that their skilled volunteer had either exceeded or greatly exceeded their expectations.


What do our beneficiaries say?

"Deborah has enabled us to refine our documentation and policies and is thoughtful about any changes we need to put in place.  But, of course, the impact on the charity is wider than that. We have the unquantifiable benefit of an experienced professional as part of the team who is interested in what we do, shares endless ideas and contacts with us, and challenges us about our thinking.”

Honor Wilson-Fletcher, CEO of The British Exploring Society


"My experience with Relate has taught me two things: how dependent charities are on volunteers; and how practical business skills can make a positive impact on them. In business you move paper from one side of the desk to the other and it’s difficult sometimes to see what difference you’ve made. Whereas working for a charity like Relate, feels like you’re making a difference in a small way."

Dave, Volunteer, Relate Oxfordshire


“Arifa couldn’t have joined at a better time. Without her expansive views and diverse range of skills the devastating news of cuts to our funding could have been the end of our organisation”

Kath Harrison, Manager, Disability, Infomation and Advice Line Leeds