10 years after the Crash: Journalist Support

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Organisation: Promoting Economic Pluralism

Location Richmond, London (West), SW14 7RW
Where the role is based Mainly at home
Travel limit Within 25 miles
Application deadline 26 May 2017
Opportunity type Ongoing role
Reference number J54719

Opportunity description

PEP has put together a coalition of NGOs and Thinktanks to promote reform of economic institutions and systems leveraging off the various anniversaries of the 07/08 Crash to gain  media exposure. This role to provide journalism support.

The role

There is an urgent need to for new fairer and sustainable economic institutions even more so as the populist backlash grows with Brexit, Modi and Trump.  The 10 years after the Crash anniversaries provide an opportunity to rally NGOs and think tanks to deliver a high impact international intervention over 18 months to develop a much wider movement for positive change.  This needs to be high profile, engaging and diverse, demonstrating application of current ideas, to build a new social movement for economic reform to deliver both inclusive and sustainable economic systems and institutions.

PEP has already created this coalition and started to design a major week of engaging and inspiring events in London, around the UK and internationally, in the w/c ‘9/11’, 10 years after the failure of Northern Rock. This will be aimed to spark an global movement with international links already in place.

PEP's role is to coordinate this coalition and create a combined, coherent approach and narrative. Within that coalition, PEP will focus particularly on:

  • creation of an international accreditation system backed by policy and business for pluralist economics courses, departments and consultancies;
  • influencing university education management and policy to promote pluralist economics; and
  • practical demonstration and engaging communication of the benefits of new economic approaches to policy, business and the wider public.

We have immediate need for some-one to provide journalism support:

  1. To edit articles for our magazine The Mint.
  2. To write up transcribed interviews for the Mint.
  3. To produce press releases and edit/support sundry blogs.

The Mint is currently a quarterly magazine and the next issue would need editing support in May/June.

Required skills

  • Copywriting / journalism

Person description

Core skills

  • Editing and writing skills in terms of creating an engaging narrative;
  • Effective communication and collaboration skills 

Nice to have

  • Broad awareness of and interest in political-economic issues around the Crash, neo-liberalism, Brexit, Trump etc.
  • Some understanding of the economics discipline

What impact the opportunity will have

The volunteer will have a major role in implementing a high impact campaign which could provide a new drive for reform of economic institutions (taxation, financial regulation, trade and investment rules etc) in the context of the failure of neo-liberal approaches as recognised by organisations such as the OECD.

What’s in it for the volunteer?

  • The ability to make a real impact in an crucial area of policy;
  • An opportunity to work with a range of dedicated, impassioned influencers;
  • The provision of a crucial role for the success of this project.

Time commitment

Either in or out of office hours

5-10 days flexible over the 2 months prior to publishing.

Other details

see www.themintmagazine.com for the first issue.

Additional application instructions

See attached further details of the coalition, PEP, the week of events in Sept etc.