Public Relations and/or Marketing Specialist(s)

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Organisation: The Transforming Autism Project

Location Hounslow, London (West), TW13 5AN
Where the role is based Mainly at home
Travel limit NA
Opportunity type Ongoing role
Reference number J53318

Opportunity description

To significantly raise our profile as we emerge and work towards making a major impact in the lives of autistic children and their families.

The role

This is one of the 2 key roles (along with the fundraiser) that will facilitate and define the success of our mission.

In order to succeed, we need to get our message out widely.  This will include:

 - High-profile publicity for what we are aiming at, including diverse media coverage.  As well as adding credibility to our cause, this will serve a dual purpose of spreading our message and our redefinition of autism, and of reaching those who may be able to donate to or participate professionally in the project (therapists, influential medical professionals, etc)

 - Developing a branding strategy with us, and helping to implement it.

 - Developing a marketing strategy with us, and helping to implement it.

 - Expanding these strategies to reach a global audience


The resources we currently have available are:

 - Our website

 - A well-written book, Transforming Autism, available through the website or from Amazon, that describes in thorough but also very accessible detail through a firsthand account, the path that an autistic child could take to recovery via a visit to our clinic.

 - A TED talk called The Beautiful Reality of Autism delivered by our founder in November.

 - A brochure that we are currently compiling to attract potential donors and serve as an introduction to other potential senior collaborators.

 - An invitation to approach a senior public figure with an autistic connection, with a view to discussing support (and possible Patronship of) our organisation.

We are also working closely with the Mifne Center in Israel, which inspires our work, and on which our own clinic will be based.  We will move forward to the establishment of the clinic in close partnership with them.

Required skills

  • Marketing strategy
  • Public relations

Person description

  • Passionate about our cause and committed to helping us realise our goals.
  • Resonate with our Mission and our Values
  • Expansive and innovative thinking - enthused about possibilities without limitations
  • Confident and experienced
  • Willing to collaborate openly 

What impact the opportunity will have

This is a critically important role in our growth as a charity.

Getting our name and what we are about out into the world on a high-profile scale will ensure that:

 - We reach the people who can benefit from our services

 - We are able to make a major impact on public, and then on professional conceptions of autism and how it should be addressed

 - We attain a degree of credibility that will inspire potential significant donors to engage with us

 - We reach qualified professionals who resonate with our approach, who we can then recruit and train and will deliver the services of our clinic.


This role is, by definition, a very high-impact one, and much needed by our charity at this time.


What’s in it for the volunteer?

This is a real opportunity to become an integral part of the inception of what could easily become a major charity accomplishing globally significant changes that will have a critical impact on the lives of very many people associated with autism.

Our emerging culture is one of positivity and inspiration, and of a powerful energy directed towards the realisation of our goals. Our potential is not limited by small-thinking.

You would be very welcome in our team; you will be supported and overseen by our Operations Director. We hope that it will be an extremely positive and energising opportunity for you personally.


Time commitment

Either in or out of office hours

1-2 days per week or less. This is a substantial role, but can be carried out to fit around the volunteers' other commitments

Other details

Additional application instructions

PLEASE NOTE - I will be away between Christmas and the last week of January, so during that period, please contact Gilles Pelenc directly at